AW19 – The Maltese Palazzo

AW19 – The Maltese Palazzo
Jessica Bonavia

AW19 – The Maltese Palazzo

Malta’s position at the heart of the Mediterranean has given it a unique mixture of influences; North Africa, Sicily, Italy, even the Middle East. Layer on top Malta’s historic ties with Britain and the result is a unique fusion, reflected in the language, the architecture, the food – the culture.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the source of our inspiration for AW19 – The Maltese Palazzo.

Whether used as a private residence or office-of-state, museum or restaurant, re-purposed as a modern boutique hotel: these palazzos & villas embody this unique fusion, inside and out.

Outside: Architecture from the Baroque to Neoclassical with unique features like the wooden Maltese balcony.

Inside: Rugs from Persia, floor tiles from Morocco, Italian marble, Sicilian ceramics, British Hepplewhite-era furniture.

Our shoot took us to two locations which fully embodied the spirit of this collection. These being Palazzo Parisio and Hotel Domus Zamitello, both re-purposed Palazzo’s in Malta.

The shoot also featured Italian model and content creator Andrea Dal Corso, as well as a local model Robert Galea.

The colour scheme for this collection focuses on 4 main colour groups: orange, red, yellow and teal. Expect to see a lot of these shades throughout the Autumn – Winter season everywhere you look, as they are key trends!