Caring For Your Knitwear

Caring For Your Knitwear
Jessica Bonavia

Caring For Your Knitwear

You’ve invested in a piece of knitwear; you love the way it hugs your body, the style that it personifies and the warmth it sympathetically brings you on a frosty day. A piece of advice we give to you, our Gagliardi Gent, ‘Don’t take your knits for granted.’ Your beloved new piece of knitwear can be one wash away to fitting and suiting your dog better than you. Let’s face it, how many jumpers have you shrunk in your lifetime?

Let us save you from yourself with our tips below:

Tip 1: Read The Label

The easiest way to understand the nature of your knitwear is by reading the wash symbols on the care label. This is crucial for the survival of your piece of knitwear. You must understand that every knitted product you own is most probably made out of different blends and types of wool. Therefore, don’t get ahead of yourself and decide that all your woolen garments can be washed the same way. Take our advice and read the label.


Tip 2: Laundry Day

Most sweaters can be machine-washed on a low temperature: 30-40ºC using a non-biological detergent on the gentle wool cycle option. If you fear the worst, and call yourself a perfectionist, you can opt for hand-washing your sweaters in luke-warm water. Once washed, gently squeeze out the water and ensure that you have rinsed out all detergent with cold water. (Take care whilst hand-washing your sweater! Rubbing the fabric together might create unnecessary friction and will damage your sweater.)

Make sure you don’t over wash your sweaters. Wear them 2-3 times before you do in order to give your knit a rest. Once dried flat, your knit’s fibers will snap back into their natural shape again.

Tip 3: Fix Pilling

There’s nothing worse than your beloved jumper gathering fluff and looking like it’s been dragged all over town. FYI, Cashmere is a popular victim of fabric pilling. So listen up: all you need is a razor or a battery operated fuzz remover. Gently apply and stroke the blade on top of the pilling and watch the fuzz disappear.

Tip 4: Storage Smart

To avoid your knitwear loosing shape or getting eaten by insects, please ensure to keep these tips in mind. Because of the nature of a knit, they are vulnerable to loosing their shape if stretched. This is why you should always fold your garments rather than hang them. Woolen garments must always be stored in a dry environment to avoid them from obtaining a nasty odour.

Beware of the bugs that are attracted to any food stains that may be living in your knit: go that extra mile and vacuum pack your woolies in the summer season