Mouliné Yarn

Mouliné Yarn
Jessica Bonavia

Mouliné Yarn

The key technique behind our seasonal looks

The Mouliné  process involves twisting two yarns together of different colours, contrast and tones or combining a natural strand of yarn to a coloured yarn to create a fabric that is vibrant and rich in colour.

This process is the winning technique behind a lot of our Autumn –  Winter 2019 collection looks.

Mouliné Suits

When it comes to suiting, the Mouliné process helps create a subtle micro-check design which gives the suit a slight texture and different look from your run of the mill, plain black and navy options.

Our Mouliné suits are perfect both for the office or weddings!

Mouliné Shirts


The Mouliné process used for a selection of our Autumn – Winter 2019 new collection shirts, creates a subtle two-tone effect through this process of twisting two colours of yarn together.

The Gagliardi textured Button Down shirt has a lived in, more relaxed look as it is enzyme washed as well as silicone washed which makes it softer. A great hybrid to be dressed up underneath a smart jacket or dressed down with a pair of chinos.

It is made from 100% cotton.