Style Achieved in Only 12 Essentials!

Style Achieved in Only 12 Essentials!
Jessica Bonavia

Style Achieved in Only 12 Essentials!

Having strong key essentials as part of your sartorial arsenal enables one to fill his wardrobe with fewer pieces but even more dress combinations. The oldest trick in the book is actually fairly simple, and achieving this depends on having the foresight when purchasing a new piece to assess how well this item would match with the rest of your collection.

Essentials must take versatility to the next level and be interchangeable, making it easy to chop and change from one look to another.

When adding a new interchangeable piece to your collection, it should substantially increase the number of combination options; mentally scan if this matches with approximately half of your current seasonal wardrobe – it’s not too flexible if it does not. A versatile wardrobe is achieved over the long term when for a season, you have six to twelve basic pieces which could stylishly match with others.

Let this serve as a framework, following that, look to create important dashes of originality by adding accessories, otherwise look to expand beyond the essentials with your layering game. Have an honest look at your Autumn – Winter choices and if necessary look to add options to the parts of your wardrobe which are lacking. The twelve essentials are:

Your two basics

Let’s tackle your first and second layers! Starting off with a classic white shirt, this can be worn to any occassion and paired with an array of items already available in your wardrobe. From a wedding, to the office, to lunch on the weekend, a white shirt is a must-have! This cutaway option can be worn with or without a tie and it has a stretch element to ensure pure comfort!

Seeing as the Autumn – Winter season features a drop in temperature, our second item on the list is a piece of knitwear! We’ve opted for a versatile piece that will look smart as a stand-alone but also as a layering piece under suit jackets or a weekend blazer. The deep emerald green blends nicely into a nice, Autumnal colour palette and can be paired nicely with both neutrals and colours such as burgundy, navy and brown.

The Staple Suit

When looking into purchasing a new suit, you need to evaluate which style best serves your lifestyle. The option we have gone for features a slight textured pindot design, making it slightly more interesting than a plain run of the mill suit. The design, cut and colour of this suit make it super flexible and allows for it to be worn at various venues and events. Further more, making it easy to layer other pieces both underneath it and over it.

Jacket and Trousers

suit is still obligatory in a number of branches of commerce and industry, however fashion has the tendency to occasionally follow somewhat unpredictable paths. Although suits are still a must in some office environments, others have adopted a more casual dress code. The Blue Herrngbone jacket would fit perfectly within a casual enviornment, but would still look sharp for that 3pm meeting.

Paired with a pair of chinos and a white shirt, this look could also work  for a Sunday afternoon date!

The items we’ve mentioned until now could all be tied together to create multiple looks. The suit jacket could easily be toned down with the chinos and the same goes for the weekend jacket and the suit trousers.


It’s freezing cold out, but you would still like to retain a sense of style on your commute to work, or those evening dinner plans!

A Pettorina coat offers just that, functionality and style. The quilted front liner can be zipped in for the colder weather and removed when it warms up a little, and it looks great both ways! The coat in itself is a classic, and if it were up to us we would have one in black and brown too, to rotate depending on the look! Navy is a safe option though.


With the rise of sneaker culture, a timeless white pair had to make the list! Made from premium quality leather, they’re durable and will last through multiple seasons no mater the weather. If you’re brave enough to venture towards more modern looks, sneakers can easily be paired with a suit whether it’s in a casual work environment or your weekend plans.

However if you’re not too keen, we’ve selected our second go-to pair. The Double Monk can take you from morning to night, with any outfit. Whether it’s a suit, chinos and a weekend jacket or a classic pair of denim.


Accessories can give an old suit or jacket a new lease on life! Also making dull coloured workwear that little bit more fun and allowing your personality to shine through!

We’ve opted for a cool golden number that could work well with our 12 essentials!

You can’t forget a scarf when the temperature starts dropping! Opt for darker colours and subtle patterns to add a little something else to an outfit but at the same time not overwhelm the look.

The Final Touch

Can’t forget an umbrella now can we! Large enough to protect you from head to toe and look cool doing so!

This baby is coming soon to our store, but speak to our customer care team if you’re eager on getting your hands on one!