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You've donned your button-down shirt, tie, and gray business suit and look at yourself in the mirror. You look classically elegant and understated, just as always. Yet you wish you could show a little personality, something to set you apart from the crowd. Try a lapel pin. Charmingly retro and yet refreshingly new, lapel pins can add a touch of whimsy and nostalgia or make a bold statement, whatever you choose. Wear just one or multiples to weddings, parties, and even the office. Vintage designs are always appropriate no matter the occasion, while playful, carefree pins set a light-hearted tone. Our lapel pins come in several timeless styles and are of the finest quality. Men's lapel pins can have a few different configurations. The most traditional and popular is the stick pin. Butterfly clutch pins have a sharp point on the back that pierces the lapel and is attached to a clutch backing. Magnetic pins are ideal if you don't wish to put holes in your clothing.