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Beautifully made, freshly laundered, and crisply pressed: a great formal dress shirt is a so satisfying.  At Gagliardi we’ve been making them for more than 50 years, taking inspiration from traditional Italian tailoring – with a splash of Capri flair. For the perfect foundation to your attire, choose a classic formal dress shirt.  We have the traditional wing collar and bib styles in whites and greys, and something a little different, too.  If you want to play the unexpected card then our black and navy dress shirts give you a debonair finish. Decoding the tailoring talk Shopping online for a men’s formal dress shirt means getting a handle on the technical terms.    Placket:  This may be grown-on, classic, or fly-fronted.  Grown-on means that the placket blends seamlessly with the shirt front, while Fly-fronted has a seam but no visible buttons (like a zip fly which conceals the zip).  The classic placket is a band which is sewn onto the shirt front with a visible seam. Collar:  A winged collar, traditionally seen with a tuxedo, is folded to resemble a wing – excellent for framing a strong jaw line.   Semi-cutaway is a modern collar with well-spaced tips, ideal for wearing with or without a tie or cravat.  Extreme Cutaway is a widely-spaced collar (flattering for a slender neck). Cloth:  Formal dress shirts are typically made from thicker fabric than casual shirts.  Jacquard is a woven cotton cloth with a fairly substantial hand.  Mercerised cotton is treated for extra lustre, giving the shirt a silky, luxurious finish.