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Socks are a staple of the wardrobe. Whether you’re spending a casual day with your friends or heading to a formal event, you need to make sure your feet are properly dressed. Some dress socks come off as plain and stuffy, but that’s not the case for our products. Our men’s socks have colorful personalities, yet they are stylish enough to be worn to even the most formal of occasions. Because you need to wear socks so often, we have packs of three to help you better stock your wardrobe. The sock designs available may vary, but often include diamond, square and polka-dot patterns. Most of the products in this category have a different colored heel and toe to improve the overall look of the sock. The color schemes can range from light gray with burgundy embellishments to dark blue with light blue designs. Many of our socks are made from a combination of cotton, elastane and polyester materials to give you the best wearing experience.