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You've got the perfect business look with your timeless button-down shirt, somber gray suit, and conservative tie. Now you can add the finishing touch with an elegant tie pin. Men's tie pins are a classic accessory that have never gone out of style. They are appropriate for every occasion and lend themselves to both retro and modern looks. Our selection of high quality tie pins includes simple yet sophisticated bars to whimsical designs such as moustaches, feather pens, and shotguns. Once you've selected your tie pin, it is crucial to wear it correctly. As its primary purpose is to hold your tie in place, it should be attached between the third and fourth buttons of your shirt and clipped to the placket of your shirt. Make sure it is straight, perpendicular to the tie, and not angled. The tie pin should never be wider than the tie. Choose a clip that comes within one inch of the width of your tie.